Examples of computer graphic based messages and custom designed/ decorated messages for Haruppi’s 18th birthday book.

You can make a submission of your message whther it’s plain text or a decorated/graphic message to our hotmail account or here on tumblr. If you have any questions visit the Haruppi’s 18th Birthday Book Project  on Stage48

A virtual date for Haruppi around the world with the international Meroppi’s

Hi Everyone,

Just to keep you updated, the editors of the birthday book are busily working in the background, we have some translators secured and we’re working on more page ideas that we hope will please Haruppi when she gets the book. We hope that it can be another production that we can all be proud of.

An idea we came up with which I’d like to run by you is a variation of an idea Haruppi herself came up with but instead of Haruppi taking us on a virtual date in Fukuoka that we would take Haruppi on a “A virtual date for Haruppi around the world with the international Meroppi’s”. So perhaps if you could send us some photos of where you would take Haruppi on a date in your local area like beach, parks, restaurant, tourist attractions etc (no nightclubs or pubs though, she’s still under 20! lol). Perhaps send 3 photos and we’ll try and put it together so we take Haruppi on a date around the world. We’ll trial it with you girls and guys and if it works we’ll try and broaden it out to more people who submit to the book, what do you think?

Just more more thing for the moment, something that we are concerned with is the lower level of responses so far this year compared to last year, we think the relative lesser level of visibility on Stage 48 for birthday threads may be a reason but whatever the cause we’re going to have to push even harder this year to spread the word around. If any of you could post about the book on other social media like twitter or facebook it may help to get the message out to more of the casual fans.

thanks for listening!

Example form last year’s book


Original thread

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- 10 days left for submission - Be part of this year’s birthday book, send us your message to Haruppi.

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Reminder! Kodama Haruka’s 18th Birthday Project ♛

Original thread here

"Hey there everyone!

So it’s that time of the year again! Looking back, this year has been the most fruitful and rewarding one yet for Hakata’s fairy. In the election, the media, the theater and even in magazines, Haruppi’s on everyone’s radar, the level of awareness towards her has definitely jumped since last year. She proved so much to her fans through her dedication and even though she has had some pretty painful bumps with her continuous back pain, she still managed to overcome them and come out stronger and more graceful than ever. And we want her to know that we noticed.

Last year we started out small but the results were spectacular, Haruppi recognized our hard work, we were able to motivate her and ourselves to continue doing our best. Not only that but her public acknowledgement of the book made other fans eager to do the same for their oshi in hopes for a similar result. In terms of the design and the book itself I’ve had so many people asking about the layout and praising the consistency of the pages. If anyone’s interested, I posted the final look of the book as well as some previews of the pages here. I think it’s safe to say that we set a bar last year.

And this year we hope to produce an even better result. We’re starting out earlier to allow more time for both the submissions and the production of the book.

So here are the guidelines, same as last year’s.

Option 1: Photograph option.

Get a piece of paper. Decorate it!

Put whatever you want on it - stickers, drawings, messages, a picture (please stay away from portraits taken by others or any material that might be copyrighted).

We’re going all digital, so you will then need to take a photograph of your page and email it to us! See below for info!


scan your page and mail the file to us! <— Best option if it’s a handmade artistic message like a drawing or any fan art, it will still maintain it’s quality.


create the page in Photoshop (or similar editing software) and mail the file to us! <— That’s probably the best option if you’re doing anything digital.


You may also send in any normal picture that you’ve taken with birthday greetings. Hold a birthday sign or a message up, or put up a birthday banner somewhere in your area to show Haruppi that her international fans love her.

Option 2: Birthday message

Send us a short birthday message for Haruppi! English or Japanese only. There’s no limit to how much you can write, as long as it’s within reasonable length.


  • On ANY submission: please include your name/username and your country in your message. If you’re from the USA, you may include your state as well. Do NOT include any personal or direct contact information such as e-mails or Twitter usernames, etc
  • Submission Deadline: August 5th, 2014

One more thing, this year we expect a lot more submissions, hopefully, that means we need more staff to help out with different aspects of making the book such as translations, editing and creating the page. If you’re interested we’re looking for English to Japanese translators and editors, if you think you can do either jobs please contact Reveen , emily , Parikkuren , t-motion or SnipaKill on Stage48 or drop us a message here. The more people the merrier, in the end the goal is to create a great experience for both the people working together from different parts of the world on the book and Haruppi herself.

Whether you’re a Haruppi oshi or not, everyone is welcome to join us and be part of this project, let’s make this year another beautiful celebration for Haruppi as well!


Team Cwush”